Ready Online Learning Material.

GemTech is a provider of online, accreditation-ready learning material. These learning programmes are  aligned with the requirements as set out by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) and relevant unit standards.


GemTech is at the forefront of accreditation-ready online education. As a result, our service offerings are unique in the market.

Our e-learning specialists have designed and honed our bespoke online learning system through many years of development and testing

WHAT We offer:

  • Off-the-shelf accreditation-ready online education
  • Development of accreditation-ready online education
  • Training Material

NQF1 Qualifications

To demonstrate a general knowledge of one or more areas or fields of study…

NQF3 Qualifications

A basic understanding of the key concepts & knowledge of one or more fields…

NQF5 Qualifications

An informed understanding of the core areas of one or more fields…

QCTO Qualifications

National occupational qualifications for all who want a trade or occupation…

NQF2 Qualifications

A basic operational knowledge of one or more areas or fields of study…

NQF4 Qualifications

A fundamental knowledge base of the most important areas of one or more fields…

NQF6 Qualifications

Detailed knowledge of the main areas of one or more fields, disciplines or practices…

SETA Qualifications

Accredited training entails that a skills development course is approved…

Why Choose Gemini Training Material

  • Our clients come first
  • We believe in honesty and integrity in all business dealings
  • We provide a leading-edge training solution based on ongoing research
  • We deliver what we promise
  • The client’s unique requirements are important and we will endeavour to make our solutions / programmes fit the client’s business requirements and environment
  • Zelda Rose and Helene Strauss are both accomplished authors of various books and text books and developers of various learning materials that have successfully been accredited by various training providers with different SETAs

a provider of online, accredited -ready learning material

We are able to meet and exceed your requirements.

Core Values

  • Innovation – To use the most up-to date products and methods for training and development
  • Customer Service – To deliver the required learning outcomes needed by clients, every time, through relationships and knowledge
  • Learner-Centric Delivery – To provide training that is relevant to and required by individual learners
  • Integrity – To operate in an ethical and sensitive way in all dealings with both learners and client representatives
Accredited Online Learning Material

Off-the-shelf accreditation-ready online education

Using the most up-to date products and methods for training and development.
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