A learner is able to demonstrate: detailed knowledge of the main areas of one or more fields, disciplines or practices, including an understanding of and the ability to apply the key terms, concepts, facts, principles, rules and theories of that field, discipline or practice to unfamiliar but relevant contexts; and knowledge of an area or areas of specialisation and how that knowledge relates to other fields, disciplines or practices.

NQF6 Qualifications

Qualification: 48967: National Certificate: Business Advising Operations

Option 1: Integrated programmes material set 1

48967 National Certificate: Business Advising Operations (SSETA) Integrated learning programmes 6 138
The integrated learning material sets are presented as learning programmes:
Type ID Unit Standard Title NQF Credits
Learning Programme 1: Analyse organisational needs and deliver services  
Core 12138 Conduct an organisational needs analysis 6 10
Fundamental 14515 Present a well-structured argument derived from qualitative and/or quantitative data to map new knowledge and generate a competitive advantage 6 12
Learning Programme 2: Evaluate financial information of a business  
Core 116338 Apply basic business accounting practices 6 9
Core 116365 Evaluate the financial practices of a business 6 9
Learning Programme 3: Provide an effective business advising service  
Core 7886 Develop and implement a business plan 5 8
Core 116356 Align Manager's personal objectives and skills to those of the business 6 10
Learning Programme 4: Apply business performance management practices  
Core 116349 Apply business performance management practices 6 10
Elective 12885 Apply concepts and principles relevant to the practical aspects of corporate governance and accountability 6 10
Learning Programme 5: Implement operational management principles and techniques  
Elective 10597 Implement operational management principles and techniques 6 8
Core 116366 Assess and design stock policies and logistics services for small/medium enterprises 6 7
Learning Programme 6: Apply HR practices and legislative business compliance  
Core 7885 Research and update the legal knowledge required for business compliance 5 8
Core 116367 Apply basic human resources practices 6 8
Learning Programme 7: Implement ethics and HIV/Aids policies in a business  
Fundamental 9224 Implement policies regarding HIV/AIDS in the workplace 5 4
Core 14505 Apply the principles of ethics and professionalism to a business environment 6 6
Learning Programme 8: Deal with marketing plans and strategies  
Core 7887 Develop and Manage Marketing Plans and Strategies 6 12
Core 116368 Apply basic business marketing practices 6 8
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