QCTO Qualifications

National occupational qualifications for all who want a trade or occupation and, where appropriate, professions.

QCTO Qualifications

Qualification: 99669: Occupational Certificate: Retail Sales Advisor

Option 1: Integrated unit standards material set

99669 Occupational Certificate: Sales Assistant (General) (Retail Sales Advisor) 3 54
Curriculum 522301001 Retail Sales Advisor
Associated Occupation 522301 Sales Assistant (General)
Occupation or Specialisation 522301001 Retail Sales Advisor
Assessment Quality Partner Wholesale and Retail SETA
Part Qualification 1 Part qualification is included in the material set, providing the option for the learner to do either the full qualification or the part qualification: Customer service assistant, NQF Level 03, 31 Credits

Curriculum Structure

This integrated learning material set is made up of the following compulsory Knowledge Subjects, Practical Skill and Work Experience modules:

Knowledge Subjects
522301001-KM-01 Principles of attending to different types of customers and resolving customer queries impacting on sales 2 4
522301001-KM-02 Principles of service excellence and building customer relationships in retail and wholesale sales 3 3
522301001-KM-03 Concepts and principles of selling in a full-service retail and wholesale environment 3 4
Practical Skill Modules
522301001-PM-01 Interact with different types of customers and present a positive image 2 2
522301001-PM-02 Handle customer queries and complaints 2 2
522301001-PM-03 Provide customer service and build customer relationships 3 2
522301001-PM-04 Sell products to customers using the sales cycle 3 3
522301001-PM-05 Use advanced selling techniques 3 2
Work Experience Modules
522301001-WM-01 Processes and procedures for attending to different types of customers, handling customer queries and communicating with customers 2 10
522301001-WM-02 Processes and procedures for providing customer service 3 8
522301001-WM-03 Processes and procedures for selling products to customers using the sales cycle and advanced selling techniques in a full-service wholesale or retail sales environment 3 14
Knowledge Modules Practical Skills Modules Workplace Experience Modules Integrated Summative Assessment
12 days of Class Time 40 days 3 hours
Contact Learning Theory input Formative assessment in Learner Workbook activities and simulations Contact Learning Theory input Formative assessment in Learner Workbook activities and simulations Learning and application at the workplace Summative assessment in Portfolio of Evidence Written Assessment
88 hours 88 hours 320 hours 3 hours

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