SETA Full Qualifications

We create material to assist training providers to gain accreditation for skills programmes (using individual unit standards) and for full qualifications. We have supplied material to various training providers that have successfully gained their accreditation, using our material.

Developed Qualifications

Learning material sets for qualifications
The materials are created in individual unit standard sets and/or integrated learning sets. Each learning material set consists of the following:

  • Learner Guide,
  • Learner Workbook (formative assessment)
  • Learner Portfolio of Evidence Guide (summative assessment)
  • Facilitator Guide with Memorandum
  • Assessor Assessment Guide with Memorandum
  • Assessor Feedback Document
  • Moderation Plan, Guide and Report
  • Programme Curriculum, Strategy and Alignment document
  • LMS and CMS learning platform with companies CI on platform
SETA Qualifications
SETA Qualifications

In addition to the above listed unit standard / Integrated unit standards learning material sets, the following are supplied with the sale of the qualification:

  • Overall Qualification Curriculum and Strategy document,
  • Final Qualification Judgement sheet
  • The Final Integrated Summative Assessment (FISA), for use at the end of a qualification / learnership rollout, consisting of:
    • FISA Alignment document
    • FISA Learner Portfolio Guide
    • FISA Assessor Assessment Feedback Document
    • FISA Assessor Assessment Guide
    • FISA Moderation Plan, Guide and Report

Note: Only some SETAs require the FISA


For a learnership, most SETAs require additional learnership specific documentation. This is available for purchase at an additional cost. (please enquire)

  • The Learnership Pack consists of the following documents, specific to the learning material selected for a learnership:
    • Learnership Orientation Guide
    • Learnership Mentor Guide
    • Learnership Practical Tasks Logbook

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