Terms and Conditions of Sale

  • The client purchases the right to unlimited use of the material for training purposes within the organisation and for training its clients, such as a training provider would do. (Please note that we, Gemini Training Material [GTM] retain IP rights on the material)
  • The client purchases the right to print, brand and add information as required. (Please note that this is not an exclusive right. GTM reserves the right to sell similar material to other training providers).
  • Materials may not be reproduced in part or complete for any other purpose than training within the context of the (a) above, without the written permission of GTM. The Copyright and Intellectual Property remains with GTM.
  • You may not claim intellectual or exclusive ownership of our materials, modified or unmodified. All learning materials are the property of GTM and are provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. In no event shall GTM be held liable for any damages including but not limited to direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages or other losses arising out of the use of the training materials.
  • The client may not resell the material in any format whatsoever. Please contact GTM to discuss a finder’s fee / commission, should you refer a client, prior to contact between GTM and the new respective client. You may not sub-license, assign or transfer this license and/or agreement to anyone else without prior written consent from GTM. The training materials may not be re-sold and/or distributed as GTM owns sole distribution rights for the training materials.
  • Due to the nature of the product (electronic format documents that are nontangible irrevocable goods, of which copies can easily be made before being returned) GTM does not offer refunds.
  • GTM warrants the training materials and supporting documentation to be free of defects in workmanship for 90 days from the date of purchase. GTM will replace any defective material during the warranty period.
  • GTM will be available telephonically to support you during the SETA site visit and undertakes to do any specific material verification report corrections as may be required by the SETA verifier/evaluator.
  • GTM endeavours to create the documents within the specific SETA requirements and it is suggested that client does not add or alter content. GTM will not be held liable for any non-accreditation of the above qualifications due to changes made by the client.
  • According to the requirements of SAQA and the SETA’s the client (training provider) needs to have a signed SLA with GTM for accreditation purposes. It is therefore of utmost importance that we do have contact with the client directly in order to facilitate this process. We, as GTM, also need to keep a list of all material sold to training providers for future reference purposes from the various SETAs.
  • Please note that the material will only be shared electronically with the client once full payment has been received for the material. There might be circumstances where the client could pay a 50% deposit. In such a case 50% of the material will be sent to the client and the balance of the material will only be sent when the other 50% of the payment has been received.
  • For the development of new material, a 50% deposit is required to secure a development slot in our development timetable. Once we are ready for delivery of the newly development material, the client will be given notice thereof. Once the balance (50%) of payment has been received, the material will be emailed to the client.
  • All material resell and development projects are subject to availability and time slots in our (GTM) development time table.
  • All requests for material and material development need to be done in writing (email) and specific costs and delivery times will be agreed between the client and GTM for each sale of material or development of new material.
  • Please note that we are constantly developing new material. Should a client request specific material that is not listed, please contact us as we may have something similar or have developed the material before the next updated pricing list is published.
  • Should the client refer another client and a successful sale results, a referral commission will be paid to the original client.
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